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Cognispeed Brain Training

Cognispeed Benefits

Cognispeed uses new breakthroughs in cognitive neuroscience to help struggling students discover faster, more efficient learning. We target:

strong and confident female athlete
  • focus
  • decision-making
  • processing speed
  • self-confidence

Cognispeed follows a strength-based philosophy of academic growth. Rather than investing too much time and energy focusing on what’s wrong with her school performance, we invest our time and her energy building her strength.

She deserves to live in a world where most of what she is trying to do in class is likely to be right, not wrong.

Nuts and Bolts

Here are some details about how this works. Cognispeed brain coaching includes:

… Brain workouts at home for 20-40 mins each day.
… Parents who serve as Brain Coaches for the first half of the workout (don’t worry, we’ll provide all the training and support you need to be a great brain coach!)
… Exercises using brain games (we call them plays) that are both fun AND challenging.
… For the second half of each workout, students use brain apps on an iPad or handheld DS (saves  time for you as coach, while extending the workout for your student).

At the end of each daily brain workout, the feeling you’ll experience (both parent and student) will be
…more like how you feel at the end of a dance party, and
…less like you feel after an hour studying for an algebra test.

It’s okay if you’re still not quite sure what this looks like. It may be easier to show you a video about how our method works than to try to describe it in words. Sign up below for a free introductory session.

Should you want to read more about brain science, we offer that too. Check out our Research page here.

Meds or no Meds in the Short Term,

…you may still have the same problem in the Long-Term

ritalin10mg-w.tif / Ritalin pillsThere is no research that indicates that meds alone can be your answer. True, if meds are helpful getting through a rough patch and you are able to manage the side-effects, then we have no objection to using medication as a Band-Aid to stop an immediate crisis from getting worse.

After that, how you proceed with long-term planning** has profound implications for your daughter’s future quality of life. We can’t give you specific medical advice, but we CAN encourage you to talk to your doctor about the long-term challenges unique to ADHD girls.

Whatever you decide to do about meds today, please don’t settle for just a short-term plan. Remember you and your daughter still have long-term challenges to deal with.

Why Our Approach is Better

designed by learning specialists

The design of each Cognispeed program is grounded in the latest developments in neuroscience and developmental psychology. Our research director is Harvard-trained and an occasional Guest-Lecturer there. Before we release a program for online use, it is field-tested face to face with client-families attending our clinic in Overland Park, KS.

Parents, please don’t spend HOURS each night battling through homework. It’s okay for you to be a hero once or twice a month, but if you step in any more often than that, you may not be very pleased with your progress (or your own level of exhaustion) six or twelve months from now.

Far better, in our opinion, is to rekindle a positive relationship with your daughter in the short term, and use a brain training approach to make HER stronger in the long term.

The better she can focus and make good decisions for herself, the fewer decisions you’ll have to make for her.

Cognispeed as Compared to Our SCOPES Program

SCOPES is our ‘coaching’ program – whereas this program, Cognispeed, is a ‘training’ program designed to build mental focus and efficiency.

  1. Cognispeed addresses students’ underlying cognitive roadblocks and inefficiencies.
  2. SCOPES helps students – and/or their parents – prioritize and organization challenges in school that can’t wait for a long-term solution to take hold.
  3. It’s rare for us to run both SCOPES and Cognizone at the same time with the same student.
  4. Students with both short and long term needs (which comprises most of our client base) typically benefit from a layer by layer approach: SCOPES first, to build a plan. Then Cognizone to strengthen the student, then SCOPES again to put new skills into action and revise our plan, and so on and so on.

We provide families with two distinct program options because each family we serve has their own unique set of challenges, strengths, hopes and dreams.

SCOPES details are (here).

Take the first step to Working Smarter today

Fill out the form below, then we’ll send you an enrollment credit you can use for your first SCOPES coaching session. (And just so you know, all the information you provide to us is entirely confidential. We never release client information to any outside group without a parent’s written permission to do so).

** Yes, we know many families are almost too exhausted to even think about a long term plan. Relax, we can help. We will guide YOU to find more effective solutions for your daughter’s needs – details here.

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